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The UC offers a variety of events from comedy shows to theatre and dance performances. Check out upcoming events at The UC below. Have an event, meeting, rehearsal or something else you want to do at The UC?  See the Rent Space page.


Suzuki Based Performer Training
Mondays at 7pm Now – November 27

Taught by Mark Corkins and Don Russell as an introduction to the actor training methodology of Tadashi Suzuki and the methodology developed by Pacific Performance Project/East. Participants will experience an introduction to the work Mr. Suzuki developed for his company in Japan, as well as evolutions adapted and designed by Robyn Hunt and Steve Pearson for P3/East productions and training for the American theatre. While this work is most fruitfully experienced in a longer-term, extensive exploration (with mastery as its goal), students can gain strong, practical, and useful skills in shorter, more concentrated training sessions.

The cost of training for CP Members is $10 per session or $30 for a four session package. For non-members, the cost is $15 per session or $45 for the four session package. (We request that participants are 18+ years of age)

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Any clothes you would wear to workout in will be fine. The training is traditionally done in tabi, which are Japanese socks. However, many folks choose to work in a pair of durable athletic socks.



Voices Found Rep presents HamletHamlet
October 11- 22

Hamlet, one of Williams Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, gives us a glimpse of what happens when a sacred mission from “the undiscovered country,” falls upon the shoulders of a young person with an existential crisis. Directed by Sarah Zapiain, the story we all know and love, is now being told through the eyes of Voice Found Repertory. Set in the here and now, we present this classic tale about people and their problems. Sons and their fathers, sister and brothers, mothers, friends, millennials, academics, lovers, fighters, artists and dreamers: this play is about us. Allow us to take Hamlet off its lofty pedestal and blow away the dust. More than ever, we could all use a reminder of how precious and fragile the frayed edges of an already unstable mind can be.​

Tickets are $12



Twisted Dreams Masquerade Ball and Double Feature Presentation!

This event is bringing a full night of fun! Live entertainment from the Glamour Junkies burlesque, dress up in your best costume for the masquerade ball, check out a film Double Feature and The UC bar will be open fesaturing Wisconsin beer, cider and hard sodas! The films are Holy Hell and Another Yeti : A Love Story Life On The Street, the audience favorites from the last 2 yours of the Twisted Dreams Film Festival! Event starts at 7:00 pm and tickets are only $15. 21+ Costumes are encouraged!

These films are rated R and contain violence, blood, gore and nudity.

More info and Buy Tickets!


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