Sue Berce – Curatorsue-berce-art
Abstract Expressionist

Sue is an abstract artist whose medium is oil. Sculpting each canvas with gesso
paired with her bright color palette evokes emotion and depth in every one of a kind painting she creates.

Sue Berce is an abstract artist who creates original, one-of-a-kind pieces. Her canvasses are gessoed with newspaper and other materials to create depth. Many swipes of color are added, with the canvasses turned to each side. Motion and emotions describes the brightly colored work.

Sue’s background is in education as a teacher and administrator. Her self-taught art started in 2011 after cancer and other challenges.

Enjoy her work in the San Remy Gallery in the historic Third Ward in Milwaukee, at the Underground Collaborative Gallery in downtown Milwaukee, at and in Artists Magazine, the 2014 anniversary issue.