The Underground Collaborative Art Gallery

The UC Art Gallery

The UC Gallery features an unique and eclectic collection of art from several established Wisconsin artists.

The Underground Collaborative Gallery is open for view before shows, most Friday and Saturday evenings, and by appointment.  Take a look at Upcoming Events at The UC for dates and times. Appointments are available by calling Sue Berce at 262-366-4769 or

Our philosophy and hope is to support the work of Wisconsin artists while encouraging the resurgence of the Grand Avenue and surrounding area in downtown Milwaukee.

The mission of the U.C. Art Gallery is to promote artists in the Milwaukee area and to encourage creativity in the medium of choice. Youth groups that connect to artistic endeavors will be enriched by their experience of showing their work.

Goals include developing events, connections to Milwaukee youth groups, and to display the work of “guest artists” in the storefront windows of the Grand Avenue.


Requirements for interested artists

The UC Gallery consists of several Resident Artists that work together to present fine local art in Downtown Milwaukee. Guest Artists are accepted on a submission basis and  should prepare to have their work reviewed for a gallery showing by either bringing a portfolio of work, three examples of the work to the u.c. a disk can be submitted or low resolution images may be attached to an e-mail.

All communication regarding the galleries should be directed to the curator, Sue Berce. or 262-366-4769.

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